Standard Issue featuring Special Section of Interviews on Neoliberalism, Media and Power (July 2016)

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Networking Knowledge – Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN, Vol 9, No 5 (2016)

Standard Issue featuring Special Section of Interviews on Neoliberalism, Media and Power

Featuring articles from Amanda Starling Gould, Carol Macgillivray, Jane Birkin, Leah Jerop Komen and Isla-Kate Morris; a review essay from Christoph Raetzsch; reports from Abigail Blyth and Craig Hamilton; and interviews with Des Freedman, Terry Flew and Sean Phelan as part of a special section on neoliberalism, media and power.

Full issue available open access here:


Special Issue: Fortress Europe: Media, Migration and Borders

image potere1‘Fortress Europe: Media, Migration and Borders’ (Networking Knowledge, 9.4)

Special Issue co-edited with Sara Marino, and featuring articles by Sara Marino, Alexander Callum Harrison, Yasmin Ibrahim & Anita Howarth, Joshua Synenko, Inês Vieira, Carolina Silveira, Martin R. Herbers, and Donya Alinejad, as well as an interview with David Morley.

Available open access here:


Special Issue: MeCCSA-PGN Conference 2015

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This special issue is devoted to the papers that were given at the MeCCSA-PGN Annual Conference at Coventry University in July 2015. Based around the theme of ‘Transformative Practice and Theory: Where We Stand Today’, the issue is edited by the conference organisers, Francien Broekhuizen, Danai Mikelli and Poppy Wilde, and me as journal editor.

The issue features articles from conference participants and interviews with keynote speakers Clare Birchall, Lisa Blackman, Rebecca Coleman and Gary Hall.

Issue available open access at:



Networking Knowledge (June 2015) – Standard Issue

meccsa pgn logoThe June 2015 issue of Networking Knowledge – Journal of the MeCCSA-PGN is now available (Open Access):

This is the first ever standard issue of the journal (not based on conference participants, nor a themed issue), featuring articles by Yuk Hui on Simondon and digital objects, Sam Burgum on Rancière and Occupy London, Carrie Dunn on women’s wrestling, and Julia Lefkowitz on US/French press coverage of Polanski’s arrest. It also features reports on recent conferences (Scotland and Screens, Human Rights in the Media, Creative Research Methods), as well as a report on a new Turkish publishing venture. Edited & introduced by yours truly.

Direct link to my editorial intro here:


Mediatizing Gaza

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“Gaza Audio-Visual Narrative by a Cyborg: Images by Hashtag” (VJ Um Amel, 2014):

This Special Issue on ‘Mediatizing Gaza’, Networking Knowledge 8(2), co-edited and co-introduced with Nour Shreim, features articles from Nour Shreim, Rami Qawariq, Shadi Abu-Ayyash, May Farah, Gary Bratchford, Laila Shereen Sakr (aka VJ Um Amel), and my interview with Helga Tawil-Souri.

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MeCCSA PGN 2014 Conference Special Issue Introduction

meccsa pgn logoHere’s the introduction to the January issue of Networking Knowledge that I co-edited with Andreas Rauh Ortega. The issue is based on some papers given at the MeCCSA PGN (Media, Communications and Cultural Studies Association Postgraduate Network) Conference held in 2014.

Our intro and the rest of the issue are available open access here: