Article: Representing the City: Non-Representation, Digital Archives and Megacity Phenomena


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Here’s my article on the history of urban representations of Montpellier, ‘Representing the City: Non-Representation, Digital Archives and Megacity Phenomena’, published in Theory, Culture & Society (online in Sep 2014, in print in Dec 2014, 31.7-8)


Abstract: Taking technological developments in urban mapping and the megacity phenomena of rapid change and sprawling space as its starting point, this essay provides a history of the present through a genealogy of maps of Montpellier in France, a rapidly growing modern city that provides examples from the earliest printed maps of the 16th Century through to the most recent innovations in public-sponsored 3D mapping. By tracing the shifting correlations of narrative elements, it places in historical perspective the relationship between those concepts, such as verticality and horizontality, perception and representation, which are problematised in the contemporary contexts of megacities and digital technology.

Keywords: city; urban representation; non-representation; digital archives; megacities; mapping


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